The Subdivision Process

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At Zaina Stacey, we’re Adelaide’s land division specialists. We deliver fast, accurate and thorough advice about your site—if it can be subdivided, we’ll make it happen.

  • Consultation and investigation of site
  • Application lodgement
  • Application assessment and approval
  • Comply with conditions of approval
  • Boundary pegging
  • Final plans
  • Payments and clearances
  • Lands Titles Office plan and document lodgement



Start your project knowing all the answers and costs involved.

Download the Land Division Cost Card (2023/24)


Land Division Costs

2 into 2$9,000 - $10,000
1 into 2$28,000 - $29,000
1 into 3$47,000 - $48,000
1 into 4$66,000 - $67,000
1 into 5$85,000 - $86,000
1 into 2$22,000 - $23,000
1 into 3$32,000 - $33,000
1 into 4$41,000 - $42,000
1 into 5$52,000 - $53,000

All fees to be used as a guide only. Costs may differ for each site.

Open Space Contribution


Water Costs

Standard water connection including new meter for Torrens Title$3,669
Manifold with:2 meters$4,950
Manifold with:3 meters$5,682
Manifold with:4 meters$6,414
Manifold with:5 meters$8,018

Water meter relocation costs

Standard water disconnection$799

Sewer Costs

Standard 100mm connection$6,906
150mm connection for 7+ Community title lots$7,762

All fees to be used as a guide only. Costs may differ for each site.

Government fees above have been included in the costs shown on the left.

50 Years Experience

Working on your behalf, we’ll navigate planning regulations and legal requirements so you don’t have to.

With 50+ years’ experience subdividing thousands of properties throughout South Australia, we have the technical knowledge, skills and networks to assist first-timers, builders and experienced developers with all their subdivision needs.

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We treat your site as if it were our own, so you can count on our attention to detail.

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