Land Division Process

Zaina Stacey only manage land division applications and specialise in this area. 

We make the process of a land division simple. From the initial consultation, through to new titles being finalised at the Lands Titles Office. We work on your behalf, professionally and effectively and we will keep you informed every step of the way.


We streamline the land division process, from initial planning and lodgement to final approval.

A land division consists of processes, paperwork and chasing up people. Fortunately, we know the right people to chase and, more importantly, they know us. It makes for a positive, fast and cost affective outcome.

Below is a general overview of the process-

  1. Consultation and investigation of site (Free Site Appraisal)
    We review Council’s Development Plan and check zoning, to ensure the site can be subdivided and confirm that SA Water services are available.
  2. Application lodgement
    We prepare a land division application plan and formally lodge with the Development Assessment Commission and other government authorities, including Council.
  3. Application assessment and approval by Council
    We liaise with Council an obtain the formal approval to enable the land division to proceed.
  4. Comply with conditions of approval
    We advise of Council’s conditions required to be satisfied for the creation of new titles. We assist you with completing all requirements to make it easy for you.
  5. Boundary Pegging
    We can arrange for a licensed surveyor to organise the field survey and peg the new allotment boundaries.
  6. Final Plans
    We draft plans as required by the Lands Titles Office and government authorities. We will distribute the plans to your building consultant, conveyancer and real estate agent to assist you.
  7. Payments and final approvals
    We liaise with our clients to ensure all requirements are met and government fees are paid. We can even make all the payments for you and handle all documentation, to make it easier for you and stress free. 
  8. Lands Titles Office plan lodgement and document approval
    The final survey plan is lodged at the Lands Titles Office. Your Conveyancer then prepares separate documentation to create the titles in the names you choose. We will coordinate all your requirements with your conveyancer.

Our main aim at Zaina Stacey is to take a very old and convoluted state government process, and manage this with our modern systems and friendly staff.

It is a priority for us to make the land division process simple, whether you are an individual, family or business. 

Leave it to us, as land division management is all we do!

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