Land Division Information

Subdividing land is a complex process that requires close attention to ensure your investment is safe and to achieve the desired result.

Zaina Stacey always works closely with our clients and we will guide and manage your development project until completion.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

How do you begin the process?

It is important to start a discussion with us as early as possible to foresee any possible problems which might arise. Please make contact with us via email, phone or the webpage. We are happy to assist and advise you of your options with your asset. Every development site needs to be investigated thoroughly, checking PlanSA regulations, PlanSA overlays and SA Water service locations. We will come back to you with our development opinion, other relevant information and subdivision costs.

What does a land division cost?

A typical 1 allotment subdivided into 2 allotments will cost approximately $29,000 to $30,000. This would create 2 Torrens titles and includes new SA Water connections, PlanSA fees and our professional fees. Please make contact and we will explain all the costs involved.

Who uses our services?

We are fortunate to have a diverse range of clients. Mum and Dad developers subdividing their own land or a rental property. Interstate and overseas investors. Full-time local developers and builders. Conveyancers, lawyers, and real estate agents. We have a large and diverse knowledge base created by successfully completing many developments in Adelaide. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

What will Zaina Stacey do for you in relation to the your land division?

We will handle the whole land division application and assist you through the process. There are no contracts between you and Zaina Stacey, and the pace of the division is set by you, not us. Land division approvals are valid for a two year time period after approval and depending on your personal intentions with your development, that will determine the advice we provide.

What type of division should I do, Torrens title or Community title?

This is your choice, however, some developments are more suited to a particular form of title. Torrens titles have their own sewer connection and water meter. Community titles have a shared sewer point and electricity box. We will explain this further in our first consultation.

Will Zaina Stacey assist with PlanSA, Council, SA Water and the State Planning Commission?

Yes we will. When the PlanSA approval is issued, we will assist you with complying with the conditions of approval. Zaina Stacey specialises in satisfying the planning and land division requirements. Efficiently and as cost effective as possible. We will manage the new SA Water connections, supplying diagrams and changes as required. We will make the process as smooth as possible from day one.

What is Open Space payment and do I have to pay it?

A government charge payable to the ‘Planning and Development Fund’. It is a contribution required by developers for any new allotment created under 1 hectare. The ‘Planning and Development Fund’ is used for providing financial assistance to the local Councils for purchase, development and planning of open space areas such as Reserves and Parks.

What does Easement mean?

Is a portion of land registered on your certificate of title, which gives someone the right to use the portion of land for a specific purpose, even though they are not the land owner. We will search your certificate of title and advise if you have an existing easement or as part of the land division application if a new one maybe required.

What is a semi-detached dwelling?

Normally two dwellings erected side by side, joined together by a ‘party wall’. Most Council’s allow smaller allotment sizes for semi-detached dwellings. We will advise if this is suitable for your development.

Can we assist the building company?

Yes! Building companies often direct their clients to us for a preliminary discussion and a thorough review of the development. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

We treat your site as if it were our own, so you can count on our attention to detail.

Make your next subdivision easy—whether it’s your first time or you’re a builder or developer looking for a trusted partner, we’ll make it happen.